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  • river of Hades (whose water when drunk caused forgetfulness of the past), from Greek lethe, literally "forgetfulness, oblivion," related to lethargos "forgetful," lathre "secretly, by stealth," lathrios "stealthy," lanthanein "to be hidden." Cognate with Latin latere "to be hidden" (see latent). Related: Lethean.

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  • Lethe In Greek mythology, Lethe was one of the five rivers of the underworld of Hades. Also known as the Ameles potamos, the Lethe flowed around the cave of Hypnos and through the Underworld where all those who drank from it experienced complete forgetfulness. Lethe was also the name of the Greek spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion, with whom the river was often identified.
  • River Lethe in popular culture In Classical Greek, Lethe literally means "forgetfulness" or "concealment" and is related to the Greek word for "truth": a-lethe-ia (αλήθεια), meaning "un-forgetfulness" or "un-concealment". The River Lethe in Greek Mythology has appeared many times in popular culture since the times of ancient Greece.
  • Lethe (disambiguation) Lethe (Λήθη) is a goddess and the river of forgetfulness in Greek mythology'.
  • River Lethe River Lethe is located 18 km (12 mi) west of Mount Katmai, Alaska Peninsula, and is the middle branch of the Ukak River. It flows through the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes and meets the Ukak at 58°23′44″N 155°24′00″W.
  • Lethe (butterfly) Lethe is a butterfly genus from the subfamily Satyrinae in the family Nymphalidae. The genus was erected by Jacob Hübner in 1819. It includes the treebrowns, woodbrowns, foresters and their relatives. The species in the genus Lethe occur in temperate-tropical southern and eastern Asia, up to Indonesia and in North America.
  • Lethe insana Lethe insana, the common forester, is a species of Satyrinae butterfly found in the Indomalayan realm The larva feeds on Arundinaria falcata
  • Lethe Vallis Lethe Vallis is a valley in the Elysium Planitia on Mars, located at 4° North and 206.5° West. It is 225 km long and is named after river Lethe in Katmai National Monument, Alaska, USA. Lethe Vallis originates at the SE margin of the West Elysium Basin. West Elysium Basin probably contained a lake that was 500 km across and received water from Athabasca Vallis. It was probably formed in just days or weeks and had a discharge about like the Mississippi. Some have suggested it was formed from lava flows, but lava would not be able to flow over such a low gradient for so long a distance.
  • Lethe Press Lethe Press is an American book publishing company based in Maple Shade, New Jersey. Launched in 2001 by Steve Berman, a writer and a former employee of Giovanni's Room Bookstore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the company was originally launched to publish speculative fiction, primarily LGBT-themed, as well as rereleasing out of print titles from other LGBT publishers. In recent years, with numerous LGBT-oriented publishing companies folding, the company has also expanded its line to include new LGBT-themed non-fiction, poetry and anthology titles.
  • Lethe nicetella Lethe nicetella, the small woodbrown, is a species of Satyrinae butterfly found in the Indomalayan realm.
  • Lethe scanda Lethe scanda, the blue forester, is a species of satyrine butterfly found in parts of Asia. It is known from Sikkim and Bhutan.
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