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      • Alexander Agassiz Alexander Emmanuel Rodolphe Agassiz, son of Louis Agassiz and stepson of Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz, was an American scientist and engineer.
      • Louis Agassiz Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz was a Swiss-born American biologist and geologist recognized as an innovative and prodigious scholar of Earth's natural history. Agassiz grew up in Switzerland. He received doctor of philosophy and medical degrees at Erlangen and Munich, respectively. After studying with Cuvier and Humboldt in Paris, Agassiz was appointed professor of natural history at the University of Neuchâtel. He emigrated to the United States in 1847 after visiting Harvard University. He went on to become professor of zoology and geology at Harvard, to head its Lawrence Scientific School, and to found its Museum of Comparative Zoology.
      • Agassiz family The Agassiz Family is a family of Swiss origin, from the small village of Agiez near Lake Neuchatel. The family has included a number of high-profile members, such as the scientists Louis and Alexander Agassiz, as well as the founder of the Longines watch firm, Auguste Agassiz.
      • Statue of Louis Agassiz A statue of the 19th-century biologist and geologist Louis Agassiz is installed on the exterior of Jordan Hall, in the Main Quad of Stanford University, in the U.S. state of California.
      • Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz Elizabeth Cabot Cary Agassiz was an American educator, naturalist, writer, and the co-founder and first president of Radcliffe College. A researcher of natural history, she was an author and illustrator of natural history texts as well as a co-author of natural history texts with her husband, Louis Agassiz, and her stepson Alexander Agassiz.
      • Alexander Agassiz Medal The Alexander Agassiz Medal is awarded every three years by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences for an original contribution in the science of oceanography. It was established in 1911 by Sir John Murray in honor of his friend, the scientist Alexander Agassiz.
      • Promontorium Agassiz Promontorium Agassiz is a mountainous cape situated on the northeast margin of Mare Imbrium on the near side of the Moon. Its selenographic coordinates are 42.4° N, 1.77° E. It is located south of Promontorium Deville and Mons Blanc, northeast of Mons Piton, and northwest of Cassini crater.
      • Agassiz Association The Agassiz Association was a society founded in 1875 for the study of natural science. Its founder and first president was Harlan Hoge Ballard (1853–1934).
      • Louis Agassiz Fuertes Louis Agassiz Fuertes was an American ornithologist, illustrator and artist who set the rigorous and current-day standards for ornithological art and naturalist depiction and is considered as one of the most prolific American bird artists, second only to his guiding professional predecessor John James Audubon.
      • Mount Agassiz (California) Mount Agassiz, at 13,899 feet (4,236 m), is one of the twenty highest peaks of California. It is the northernmost and easiest to climb of the major Palisades summits. This peak is not to be confused with the 9967ft peak by the same name in Desolation Wilderness, also in the California Sierra.
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