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      • Albanian nobility The Albanian nobility was an elite hereditary ruling class in Albania, parts of the western Balkans and later in parts of the Ottoman world. The Albanian nobility was composed of landowners of vast areas, often in allegiance to states like the Byzantine Empire, various Serbian states, the Republic of Venice, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Naples in addition to the Albanian principalities. They often used Byzantine, Latin or Slavic titles, such as sebastokrator, despot, dux, conte and zupan.
      • Sports titles system in Albania The Sports titles system of Albania was based on a government decree of 1967, which replaced prior legislation on sports titles as recognized by the Albanian Government. It was based on government decree Nr.4259, as of 11 April 1967.
      • Albania (placename) The toponym Albania may indicate several different geographical regions: a country in the Balkans; an ancient land in the Caucasus; as well as Scotland, Albania being a Latinization of a Gaelic name for Scotland, Alba; and even a city in the U.S. state of New York.
      • Orders, decorations and medals of Albania Orders, decorations and medals are distinctive symbols awarded to citizens and foreign dignitaries in Albania.
      • Hero of Socialist Labour (Albania) The Hero of Socialist Labour was an honorary title in Albania and other Warsaw Pact countries. It was the highest degree of distinction for exceptional achievements in national economy and culture. It provided a similar status to the title People's Hero of Albania that was awarded for heroic deeds, but unlike the latter, was awarded to citizens who contributed to the development of Albania's industry, agriculture, transportation, trade, science and technology and promoted the might and the glory of Albania.
      • Albania Albania, officially the Republic of Albania, is a country in Southeastern Europe. It is located on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea within the Mediterranean Sea, and shares land borders with Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, North Macedonia to the east, Greece to the south; and maritime borders with Greece, Montenegro and Italy to the west. Tirana is its capital and largest city, followed by Durrës, Vlorë and Shkodër.
      • President of Albania The president of Albania, officially styled President of the Republic of Albania is the head of state, commander-in-chief of the military and the representative of the unity of the Albanian people.
      • King of Albania While the medieval Angevin Kingdom of Albania was a monarchy, it did not encompass the entirety of the modern state of Albania. The latter has been a kingdom on two occasions. The first time was after it declared independence in 1912.
      • Hero of the People (Albania) The Hero of the People was the highest title bestowed upon the citizens of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania.
      • List of Albanian consorts The Royal Consorts of Albania were the spouses of the Albanian Monarchs. They used the titles Queen of the Albanians, Queen of Albania, Princess of Albania, Lady of the Kingdom of Albania, etc.
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