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  • 1871, based on French anthropométrique, from anthropometry "measurement of the human body" + -ic.1871

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  • Anthropometric history Anthropometric history is the study of the history of human height and weight. It has historical roots. In the 1830s, Adolphe Quetelet and Louis R. Villermé studied the physical stature of populations. In the 1960s, French historians analyzed the relationship between socio-economic variables and human height. Anthropometric history was established as field of study in the late 1970s when economic historians Robert Fogel, John Komlos, Richard Steckel and other academics began to study the history of human physical stature and its relationship to economic development. A branch of cliometrics, it uses trends and cross-sectional patterns in human physical stature to understand historical processes.
  • American Anthropometric Society The American Anthropometric Society was an association for acquiring and storing brains of eminent persons for the purpose of research. The society was founded in 1889 in Philadelphia. Edward Anthony Spitzka, M.D., professor of anatomy at Jefferson Medical College, presented a paper on March 16, 1906, about his study of six brains bequeathed to the society.
  • Anthropometric cosmetology Anthropometric cosmetology is the medical practice science of correction and modification of deformities in the upper and lower extremities of the body. This is done in order to attain an aesthetically pleasing appearance or to eliminate physical and psychological discomforts.

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