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      • Arnulfo Arnulfo is a masculine given name. It is the Spanish and Italian form of the German name Arnulf.
      • Arnulfo Trejo Arnulfo Duenes Trejo was a writer and Professor of Library Science at the University of Arizona. He was a leader in the movement to increase library collections of Latino literature and Spanish-language materials in the United States. He was also instrumental in efforts to train more Latino and Spanish-speaking people as professional librarians.
      • Arnulfo Mendoza Arnulfo Mendoza Ruiz was an artist and weaver, who exhibited his work both in Mexico and abroad. Born in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, a well-known center for traditional Zapotec weaving, he became one of its best-known artisans, recognized as a “grandmaster” by the Fundación Cultural Bancomer. As director of La Mano Mágica gallery and with his former wife Mary Jane Gagnier, he also worked to promote Oaxacan folk art and handicrafts.
      • Arnulfo Arias Arnulfo Arias Madrid was a Panamanian politician, doctor, and writer who served as the President of Panama from 1940 to 1941, again from 1949 to 1951, and finally for 11 days in October 1968. Throughout his adult life he had warned about the increasing influence of the military in Panamanian politics. He vowed to reduce its influence. In turn he was denied his presidential electoral success in 1948 by the military. He was removed from his duly elected presidency three times by military coups.
      • Arnulfo Valentierra Arnulfo Valentierra Cuero is a retired Colombian footballer.
      • Arnulfo Cordero Alfonzo Arnulfo Cordero Alfonzo is a Mexican politician affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party. As of 2014 he served as Deputy of the LX Legislature of the Mexican Congress representing Chiapas.
      • Arnulfo Mejía Rojas Arnulfo Mejía Rojas was an engineer, architect, teacher, historian, painter, artist and Catholic priest, most well known for being the creator of The Boat of the Faith.
      • Arnulfo González Arnulfo González Navarro, known as Arnulfo González, is a professional Mexican footballer who currently plays for Loros de la Universidad de Colima.
      • Arnulfo Fuentebella Arnulfo Palma Fuentebella was the Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives from 2000 to 2001. He was also a representative of the Third District of Camarines Sur, more popularly known as the Partido District.
      • Arnulfo Hernández Arnulfo Hernández was a Mexican sports shooter. He competed in the 25 m rapid fire pistol event at the 1932 Summer Olympics.
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