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  • late 15c., "basket," from Latin canistrum "wicker basket" for bread, fruit, flowers, etc., from Greek kanystron "basket made from reed," from kanna (see cane (n.)). It came to mean "metal receptacle" (1711) through influence of can (n.). As short for canister shot, it is attested from 1801, so called for its casing.1711, 1801

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  • Canister Canister may refer to:Any container that is roughly cylindrical in shape A container for 35mm movie film or 35mm photo film for use in cameras Pods used for parachute supply drops Gas containers used for riot control A perforated metal box which is part of a gas mask The carbon dioxide scrubber of a rebreather The filter which absorbs gasoline vapour in a car tank A cylindrical bell worn by sheep, that was traditionally used in Sussex, England, especially on the South Downs Canister shot, a type of artillery round used in warfare as anti-personnel ammunition
  • Canister shot Canister shot is a kind of anti-personnel artillery ammunition. Canister shot has been used since the advent of gunpowder-firing artillery in Western armies. However, canister shot saw particularly frequent use on land and at sea in the various wars of the 18th and 19th century. Canister is still used today in modern artillery.
  • CLE Canister The CLE Canister, or CLE Container was a standardized cylindrical container used by the British during World War 2 to airdrop supplies to troops on the ground. The name initially derived from the Central Landing Establishment that developed them, although this was later backronymed to Container Light Equipment.
  • Canister filter Canister filter may refer to various types of filter in different systems:Canister-styled aquarium filters Canister filter, a filter in the canister of a gas mask Canister filter, a canister that is used to filter beer Canister filter, a canister-styled fluid filter introduced in some of the Chrysler Corporation's automatic transmissions known as TorqueFlite Canister filter, a filter that is used to treat sulfur water Canister filter, a respirator canister or cartridge that is used to clean pollution from air Canister filter, in compressed air dryer Canister oil filter; for example see Mercedes-Benz OM617 engine
  • Water canister A water container, water canister or water can is a medium-sized portable container for transport, storage and use of water. Large plastic bottles are sometimes called "canisters". Water canisters can for example be used for drinking water, wastewater or showering. Water canisters are used for excursions, camping, boat trips, in cabins without tap water, or as a household drinking water reserve in case of emergency.

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