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    • Chaining Chaining is a type of intervention that aims to create associations between behaviors in a behavior chain. A behavior chain is a sequence of behaviors that happen in a particular order where the outcome of the previous step in the chain serves as a signal to begin the next step in the chain. In terms of behavior analysis, a behavior chain is begun with a discriminative stimulus (SD) which sets the occasion for a behavior, the outcome of that behavior serves as a reinforcer for completing the previous step and as another SD to complete the next step. This sequence repeats itself until the last step in the chain is completed and a terminal reinforcer is achieved. For example, the chain in brushing your teeth starts with seeing the toothbrush, this sets the occasion to get toothpaste, which then leads to putting it on your brush, brushing the sides and front of mouth, spitting out the toothpaste, rinsing your mouth, and finally putting away your toothbrush. To outline behavior chains, as done in the example, we use a task analysis.
    • Chaining (disambiguation) Chaining is a teaching procedure. It may also refer to:Chaining Method chaining Forward chaining Backward chaining Back-chaining Exception chaining New York City Subway chaining Daisy chaining DNA Skill chaining Separate chaining Index chaining -- the calculation of price or quantity indexes by computing all intermediate period-to-period changes
    • New York City Subway chaining New York City Subway chaining is a method to precisely specify locations along the New York City Subway lines. It measures distances from a fixed point, called chaining zero, following the twists and turns of the railroad line, so that the distance described is understood to be the "railroad distance," not the distance by the most direct route.
    • Method chaining Method chaining, also known as named parameter idiom, is a common syntax for invoking multiple method calls in object-oriented programming languages. Each method returns an object, allowing the calls to be chained together in a single statement without requiring variables to store the intermediate results.
    • Back-chaining Back-chaining is a technique used in teaching oral language skills, especially with polysyllabic or difficult words and phrases. The teacher pronounces the last syllable, the student repeats, and then the teacher continues, working backwards from the end of the word to the beginning.
    • Backward chaining Backward chaining is an inference method described colloquially as working backward from the goal. It is used in automated theorem provers, inference engines, proof assistants, and other artificial intelligence applications.
    • Forward chaining Forward chaining is one of the two main methods of reasoning when using an inference engine and can be described logically as repeated application of modus ponens. Forward chaining is a popular implementation strategy for expert systems, business and production rule systems. The opposite of forward chaining is backward chaining.
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