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      • James Crumley James Arthur Crumley was the author of violent hardboiled crime novels and several volumes of short stories and essays, as well as published and unpublished screenplays. He has been described as "one of modern crime writing's best practitioners", who was "a patron saint of the post-Vietnam private eye novel" and a cross between Raymond Chandler and Hunter S. Thompson. His book The Last Good Kiss has been described as "the most influential crime novel of the last 50 years."
      • Patrick Crumley Patrick Crumley was an Irish Nationalist Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom for South Fermanagh, 1910–18.
      • Bob Crumley Robert Walker Crumley was a Scottish professional footballer who made over 130 appearances in the Scottish League for Dundee as a goalkeeper.
      • Crumley Chapel, Alabama Crumley Chapel, also known as Crumleys Chapel or Oakwood, is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County, Alabama northwest of Birmingham. The area was first settled in early 1840. The community's name originated from a local church and cemetery, which were named after Robert Crumley, an early farmer of the area.
      • Crumley–Lynn–Lodge House Crumley–Lynn–Lodge House is a historic home located near Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia. The earliest section was built about 1759, and was a 1 1/2-story, log section raised to a full two stories about 1850. About 1830, a two-story, Federal style brick section was added. A two-story frame section was added to the original log section in 1987–1994. The front facade features a folk Victorian-style front porch with square columns, sawn brackets and pendants, and plain handrail and balusters. Also on the property are the contributing mid-19th-century brick granary, and log meat house, as well as a late-19th century corn crib, and the stone foundation of a barn.
      • James Crumley (footballer) James Brymer Crumley, also known as Jamie, Jim or Jimmy Crumley, was a Scottish footballer who played as a goalkeeper.
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