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  • 1892, from crunch + -y (2). Student slang sense of "annoyingly intense about health or environmental issues" is by 1990, short for crunchy granola (considered as natural and wholesome); not entirely pejorative at first. Related: Crunchiness.1892, 1990

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  • Crunchyroll Crunchyroll, Inc. is an American distributor, publisher, production and licensing company focused on streaming anime, manga, and dorama. Founded in 2006 by a group of University of California, Berkeley graduates, Crunchyroll's distribution channel and partnership program delivers content to 70 million registered users worldwide. Crunchyroll is a subsidiary of Otter Media, which is a subsidiary of AT&T's WarnerMedia. Sony announced in December 2020 that its subsidiary Funimation will acquire Crunchyroll from AT&T for approximately US$1.175 billion . Crunchyroll has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Barcelona, Vancouver, Chișinău and Tokyo, and is a member of the Association of Japanese Animations (AJA). "Crunchyroll-Hime", also known as "Hime" is the official mascot of Crunchyroll.
  • Crunchy Black Darnell Carlton, better known by his stage name Crunchy Black, is an American rapper and Hype man.
  • Crunchy Frog "Crunchy Frog" is the common name for a Monty Python sketch officially titled "Trade Description Act", inspired by the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 in British law. It features two health inspectors interrogating the owner of a candy shop about the increasingly bizarre ingredients in his confections, including the titular crunchy frog. Written by John Cleese and Graham Chapman, it originally appeared in episode 6 of the first series of Monty Python's Flying Circus, and later appeared in several Monty Python stage shows. In the original sketch, Cleese and Chapman play the inspectors, while the candy shop owner is played by Terry Jones. In later versions, the second inspector is played by Terry Gilliam or left out of the sketch entirely.
  • Reese's Crispy Crunchy Bar Reese's Crispy Crunchy Bar is a candy bar similar to the Butterfinger, Clark Bar and 5th Avenue but differs by adding peanuts and peanut butter. It has a middle section made of flaky peanut butter, a layer of peanut butter, is covered with chopped peanuts and then coated with milk chocolate. The candy bar was introduced in February 2006in the United States as an addition to their Reese's product line and is currently still in production.
  • Crunchy Granola Suite "Crunchy Granola Suite" is a pop rock song written and recorded in 1971 by Neil Diamond.
  • Crunchyroll Manga Crunchyroll Manga is a digital manga anthology published by Crunchyroll in North America. It began distribution on October 30, 2013. The service launched with a lineup of twelve titles, with chapters released simultaneously with their Japanese release. Crunchyroll Manga provides English speaking readers with officially licensed editions of the latest installments of popular manga published by Futabasha, Kodansha, Kadokawa Shoten and Shōnen Gahōsha soon after their release in Japan.
  • From Me to You (Crunchy Black album) From Me to You is the second album by American rapper Crunchy Black. Released on June 12, 2007, the album contains 16 tracks and was rated as one of the best albums of the year in 2007. The album peaked at number ten on the Billboard Top Rap Albums chart.
  • Crunchyroll Anime Awards The Crunchyroll Anime Awards are annual awards presented by anime streaming service Crunchyroll that are given to recognize anime from the previous year. The awards were first held in January 2017. The judges create a short list in different categories and public votes for the winners are held online.
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