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  • late 14c., verbal noun from dare (v.).

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  • The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze", originally published under the title "The Flying Trapeze" and also known as "The Man on the Flying Trapeze", is a 19th-century popular song about a flying trapeze circus performer, Jules Léotard. The refrain states:He'd fly through the air with the greatest of ease, That daring young man on the flying trapeze.
  • Daring Daring can mean:
  • Violette's Daring Adventure Violette's Daring Adventure is the sixth book in the Beechwood Bunny Tales series. It was originally published by France's Éditions Milan in 1991, and in the United States by Gareth Stevens a year later. The book was awarded the Soleils d'Or at 1991's BD Festival.
  • List of Most Daring episodes Most Daring is a reality television series broadcast on truTV. The series premiered on September 12, 2007 and is currently seven seasons. In season four, was broadcast first special episode Best of Most Daring 1: Wild Women on June 23, 2009 on truTV, the second special episode Best of Most Daring 2: Wild Drivers and Wicked Crashes premiered on July 15, 2009.
  • Phoebe Daring Phoebe Daring: A Story for Young Folk is a mystery novel for juvenile readers, written by L. Frank Baum, the author of the Oz books. Published in 1912, it was a sequel to the previous year's The Daring Twins, and the second and final installment in a proposed series of similar books. Phoebe Daring was illustrated by Joseph Pierre Nuyttens, the artist who illustrated Baum's The Flying Girl, Annabel, and The Flying Girl and Her Chum in the same period. Hungry Tiger Press announced that they would reprint the book as Unjustly Accused! in the back of their 2006 reprint of the first book as The Secret of the Lost Fortune.
  • Lieutenant Daring Lieutenant Daring was the name of a series of silent films made by British and Colonial Films featuring a fictional British Royal Navy lieutenant of that name. The films were made at Newstead House in Strawberry Vale, East Finchley, London, and on location.
  • The Daring Years The Daring Years is 1923 American silent melodrama film directed by Kenneth Webb and produced by Daniel Carson Goodman. The film starred Mildred Harris, Clara Bow, Charles Emmett Mack, and Tyrone Power, Sr.
  • The Daring Twins The Daring Twins: A Story for Young Folk is a mystery novel for juvenile readers, written by L. Frank Baum, author of the Oz books. It was first published in 1911, and was intended as the opening installment in a series of similar books.
  • Daring Young Man Daring Young Man is a 1942 American comedy film directed by Frank R. Strayer, which stars Joe E. Brown, Marguerite Chapman, and William Wright. Brown plays the dual roles of a failure turned champion bowler, Jonathan Peckinpaw, and his own grandmother. The original screenplay was written by Karen DeWolf and Connie Lee.
  • Mason Daring Mason K. Daring is an American musician and composer of scores for film and television. He has worked on nearly all the films directed by John Sayles, adapting his style to fit whatever period in which the film is set.
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