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  • 1540s, of light; present participle adjective from flash (v.).1540

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  • Flashing (cinematography) In cinematography and photography, flashing is the exposure of the film or digital sensors to uniform light prior to exposing it to the scene. It is used as a method of contrast control to bring out detail in darker areas. This adds a bias to the overall light input recorded by the sensor. When used for artistic effects, it can be used to add a colour cast to shadows without significantly affecting highlights. Flashing is usually described as a percentage of exposure increase to the film's base fog level. While the flash itself is often a neutral color temperature, the flash exposure could be any color: the color of the flash will be imbued disproportionately into the shadows of the image.
  • Headlight flashing Headlight flashing is the act of either briefly switching on the headlights of a car, or of momentarily switching between a headlight's high beams and low beams, in an effort to communicate with another driver or drivers. The signal is sometimes referred to in car manufacturers' manuals as an optical horn, since it draws the attention of other drivers.
  • Flashing Flashing may refer to:
  • Flashing (weatherproofing) Flashing refers to thin pieces of impervious material installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint or as part of a weather resistant barrier system. In modern buildings, flashing is intended to decrease water penetration at objects such as chimneys, vent pipes, walls, windows and door openings to make buildings more durable and to reduce indoor mold problems. Metal flashing materials include lead, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and other materials.
  • Flashing sign A flashing sign is a sign that contains a sequential flashing light source where the period of time of illumination is equal to the period of non-illumination, and is used solely to attract attention in a non-informative way.
  • Flashing arrow A flashing arrow is a type of emphasized foreshadowing, an audiovisual cue used in films and similar visual media to bring the attention of the audience to a particular object or situation, which will later be referred to or used in the advancement of plot. In an extreme example, it could literally be a flashing arrow pointing at the object, but the term is usually metaphorical, referring to visual focus and/or accompanying sound effects or music. The term is often used disapprovingly, in reference to works for unsophisticated audiences.
  • Flashing Lights Flashing lights may refer to:headlight flashing emergency vehicle lighting
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