freaked out


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    • Freaked Out and Small Freaked Out and Small is the third studio album by the American alternative rock band The Presidents of the United States of America. It was released in 2000 by MUSICBLITZ Records, which was a web based label. Copies of the album distributed through MUSICBLITZ included in the liner notes a special thanks to anyone who pre-ordered it from the MUSICBLITZ website. These fans are listed individually, by name.
    • Freaked Out Flower Children Freaked Out Flower Children were an Australian band which formed in 1991 with actress and TV presenter, Sophie Lee, on saxophone and vocals. Other members were Gumpy Phillips on guitar and vocals; Tricky J on synthesiser; Fiona Ruttelle on backing vocals; and Nicole Love on backing vocals. They played 1960s-style flower power music. Their debut single "Spill the Wine" – a cover version of Eric Burdon and War's 1970 hit – reached No. 31 on the ARIA Singles Chart in 1992. In December 1991 the group issued their debut album, Love In, on Virgin Records, which was "full of syncopated beats and breezy melodies". A second single, "Beautiful People" was issued. However the group's "retro-cabaret and day-glo focus ... did little to foster a sense of longevity". They disbanded in 1993.

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