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    • Tempo giusto Tempo giusto is a musical term that means “in exact time”, often directing a return to strict time following a period of rubato. or to play in “strict time” or “suitable time”.
    • Matt Giusto Matt Giusto is an American track and field athlete. He competed for the United States, running the 5,000 meters in the 1996 Olympics.
    • Andrea di Giusto Andrea di Giusto, rarely also known as Andrea Manzini or Andrea di Giusto Manzini was a Florentine painter of the late Gothic to early Renaissance style in Florence and its surrounding countryside. Andrea was heavily influenced by masters Lorenzo Monaco, Bicci di Lorenzo, Masaccio, and Fra Angelico, and tended to mix and match the motifs and techniques of these artists in his own work. Andrea was an eclectic painter and is considered a minor master of Florentine early Renaissance art. Andrea trained under Bicci di Lorenzo as a Garzone. He painted his most significant works, three altarpieces, in the Florentine contado, or countryside; these altarpieces were created for Sant’Andrea a Ripalta in Figline, Santa Margarita in Cortona, and the Badia degli Olivetani di San Bartolomeo alle Sacce near Prato. Aside from his major altarpieces, Andrea painted several Frescoes over the course of his career. He, along with other minor masters, are also known to have provided several different types of art, including triptychs and frescoes, for Romanesque pievi, or rural churches with baptistries. Moreover, he was well known for several types of smaller craft objects, such as small tabernacles. He is said to have worked between 1420 and 1424 under Bicci di Lorenzo on paintings for Santa Maria Nuova. He is said to have worked with Masaccio in painting the Life of San Giuliano for the Polyptych of Pisa, including the painting of the Madonna and Child, in 1426. He also appears to have collaborated in 1445 with Paolo Uccello in the Capella dell'Assunta in the Prato Cathedral. In 1428, he is listed as a member of the Arte dei Medici e Speziali guild in Florence as "Andrea di Giusto di Giovanni Bugli". His son, Giusto d'Andrea, was also a painter and worked with Neri di Bicci and Benozzo Gozzoli. Andrea died in Florence in 1450.
    • Giusto Fernando Tenducci Giusto Fernando Tenducci, sometimes called "il Senesino", was a soprano (castrato) opera singer and composer, who passed his career partly in Italy but chiefly in Britain.
    • Stéphanie Di Giusto Stéphanie Di Giusto is a French film director, photographer and art director.
    • Italian ship San Giusto San Giusto is a San Giorgio-class amphibious transport dock of the Italian Navy. The ship was built by Fincantieri-Cantieri Navali SpA at Riva Trigoso, laid down on 19 August 1991, and launched on 23 October 1993.
    • Giusto Utens Giusto Utens or Justus Utens was a Flemish painter who is remembered for the series of Medicean villas in lunette form that he painted for the third grand duke of Tuscany, Ferdinando I, in 1599–1602.
    • Giusto Pio Giusto Pio was an Italian musician and songwriter.
    • Tempo Giusto (composer) Tempo Giusto is a Finnish trance music DJ, producer and composer currently residing in Turku, Finland. He is one of the leading names of Tech Trance and debuted in 2008 with the single "Agent Orange". Since then he has released music with many known electronic dance music labels such as Black Hole Recordings, Armada Music, Ultra Records and Spinnin Records. He also owns the Finland-based Echelon Records with his older brother Ima'gin. Their collaboration on "Gemini" resulted in #1 trance release on Beatport in June 2012. In 2019 Tempo Giusto's collaborative track "Mr. Navigator" with Armin van Buuren resulted in a #1 charting trance single on Beatport. In total Tempo Giusto holds 12 Beatport Top10 trance singles. In 2019 Tempo Giusto was nominated 'Electronic Music Artist' of the year at the Emma-gaala.
    • Sabrina Giusto Sabrina Giusto is a Brazilian former professional tennis player.
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