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    • Gradus ad Parnassum The Latin phrase gradus ad Parnassum means "steps to Parnassus". It is sometimes shortened to gradus. The name Parnassus was used to denote the loftiest part of a mountain range in central Greece, a few miles north of Delphi, of which the two summits, in Classical times, were called Tithorea and Lycoreia. In Greek mythology, one of the peaks was sacred to Apollo and the nine Muses, the inspiring deities of the arts, and the other to Dionysus. The phrase has often been used to refer to various books of instruction, or guides, in which gradual progress in literature, language instruction, music, or the arts in general, is sought.
    • Gradus (disambiguation) Gradus is the shortened form of a Latin phrase which means "Steps to Parnassus".
    • St. Maria ad Gradus St. Maria ad Gradus is the name of a former church located East of the Cathedral of Cologne, Germany, situated between the cathedral and the Rhine.
    • Gradus Gravis affair The Gradus Gravis affair was a scheme of people operating in Tallinn providing prescriptions of controlled psychotropic drugs to people, mostly of Finnish origin, for a fee.
    • Kamila Gradus Kamila Gradus is a retired Polish marathon runner, who represented her native country at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

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