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    • Thomas Mudge (horologist) Thomas Mudge was an English horologist who invented the lever escapement, the greatest single improvement ever applied to pocket watches.
    • Samuel Watson (horologist) Samuel Watson, was a horologist who invented the 5 minute repeater, and made the first stopwatch. He made a clock for King Charles II and was an associate of Isaac Newton.
    • Michael Pearson (horologist) Michael Pearson (1936–2017) was an acknowledged expert on Kent clocks and clock-making. He was born in Kent, England and educated at Dartford Grammar School. He served National Service with the Intelligence Corps, following which he returned to the private sector, working in sales, marketing and advertising. During this period he became a keen collector of antiques, in particular clocks and early oak furniture. His family had been a notable family antique and antiquarian book dealing business in Covent Garden since 1860, and then in Pall Mall until 1929. Pearson resurrected the old family business, moving it to Canterbury, Kent, where he specialised in antique furniture and clocks.

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