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      • Huot Tat Samdech Preah Mahā Somethea Dhipati Hout Tat, Dharma name: Vajirapañño, was the fifth Supreme Patriarch of the Maha Nikaya order of Cambodia.
      • Huot Huot may refer to:Huot, Minnesota, an historic river crossing and site in Northwest Minnesota, now a ghost town Old Crossing Treaty Park, a county park in Red Lake County, Minnesota Huot automatic rifle, a Canadian automatic weapons programPeopleBenoit Huot, Canadian Paralympic swimmer Chhor Leang Huot, Cambodian politician François Huot (1756–1822), Canadian businessman and political figure Hector-Simon Huot (1803–1846), Canadian lawyer and politician Hong Sun Huot, Cambodian Minister of Health and Chairman of the National AIDS Authority Isabelle Huot, Canadian nutritionist and professional dietitian Jean Jacques Nicolas Huot (1790—1845), French geographer, geologist and naturalist Jessica Huot, Finnish figure skater Joseph Oliva Huot (1917–1983), American politician Marcel Huot (1896—1954), French professional road bicycle racer Marie Huot (1846–1930), French poet, writer, feminist and animal rights activist Marie-Catherine Huot (1791–1869), Canadian mother superior Patrick Huot, Canadian politician Pierre-Gabriel Huot (1825–1913), Quebec journalist and political figure Sylvia Huot, English professor and author Try Chheang Huot, Cambodian politician Ung Huot, Cambodian political figure
      • Jean Jacques Nicolas Huot Jean Jacques Nicolas Huot was a French geographer, geologist and naturalist.
      • Huot Automatic Rifle The Huot Automatic Rifle was a Canadian World War I era light machine gun project.
      • Ung Huot Ung Huot is a Cambodian politician who served from 1997 to 1998 as Prime Minister of Cambodia, alongside Hun Sen. A member of the FUNCINPEC Party, he first served as Minister of Education, and later as Minister of Foreign Affairs before being appointed as Prime Minister.
      • Valentin Huot Valentin Huot was a French racing cyclist. He won the French national road race title in 1957 and 1958. Huot died on 21 November 2017, aged 88.
      • Joseph Oliva Huot Joseph Oliva Huot was a U.S. Representative from New Hampshire.
      • Marie Huot Marie Huot was a French poet, writer, feminist, animal rights and vegetarianism activist.
      • Huot, Minnesota Huot is an unincorporated community in Louisville Township, Red Lake County, Minnesota, United States. The name of the community evokes the French-Canadian and Métis history of the Red River Trails and the Pembina settlements of Assiniboia.
      • John Huot John Duffy Huot is an American politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. A member of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL), he represents District 57B in the southern Twin Cities metropolitan area.
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