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    • Ironmaster An ironmaster is the manager, and usually owner, of a forge or blast furnace for the processing of iron. It is a term mainly associated with the period of the Industrial Revolution, especially in Great Britain.
    • Ironmaster (film) Ironmaster is a 1983 film directed by Umberto Lenzi.
    • Richard Foley (ironmaster) Richard Foley (1580–1657) was a prominent English ironmaster. He is best known from the folktale of "Fiddler Foley", which is either not correct or does not apply to him.
    • The Ironmaster (novel) The Ironmaster is a French novel by Georges Ohnet, published in 1882.
    • The Ironmaster (1933 film) The Ironmaster is a 1933 French drama film scripted and supervised by Abel Gance, and directed by Fernand Rivers. It is a remake of the 1912 film Le Maître de forges. In 1948 Rivers himself remade the film.
    • John Bradley (ironmaster) John Bradley (1769-1816) was an English industrialist from the town of Stourbridge who founded the family firm John Bradley & Co in the year 1800. The company was originally based on the side of the canal at Stourbridge and included the Stourbridge Ironworks. John Bradley died in 1816 but the firm that he founded expanded greatly under the control of James Foster, who was Bradley's half brother.
    • Richard Fothergill (ironmaster) Richard Fothergill (1758–1821) was an ironmaster in South Wales and the founder of the Fothergill dynasty of ironmasters.
    • Richard Reynolds (ironmaster) Richard Reynolds was an ironmaster, a partner in the ironworks in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, at a significant time in the history of iron production. He was a Quaker and philanthropist.
    • Richard Snowden (ironmaster) Richard Snowden (1688–1763) was the grandson of Richard Snowden Sr (1640–1711), one of Maryland's early colonists, who arrived in 1658. By Articles of Agreement dated July 5, 1705, Snowden and four other partners – Joseph Cowman, Edmund Jenings, John Galloway, and John Prichard – founded the Patuxent Iron Works on the site of Maryland's oldest iron forge. Together they founded one of Maryland's first industries, and settled the land now known as Laurel and Sandy Spring, Maryland.
    • James Foster (ironmaster) James Foster was a prominent Worcestershire ironmaster, coalmaster and senior partner in the important iron company of John Bradley & Co, Stourbridge, which was founded by his elder half-brother but greatly enlarged under his direction. As well as the Stourbridge ironworks, the business owned a number of coal and ironstone mines, furnaces, forges and other works in the Black Country and near Ironbridge. The business continued long after James Foster's death, ultimately being incorporated as John Bradley (Stourbridge) Ltd in the early 20th century. In the late 19th century, the company was a member of the Marked Bar Association, whose members were the makers of the highest quality bar iron of the time. Foster was also a partner in other companies including the engineering firm Foster, Rastrick and Company, which built the first steam locomotive to run on rails in the USA. He was also a banker and landowner as well as being elected Member of Parliament and appointed as Improvement Commissioner for Stourbridge, and High Sheriff of Worcestershire.
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