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    • Looping Looping may refer to:
    • Looping (education) Looping in education is the practice of moving groups of children up from one grade to the next with the same teacher. This system, which is also called multiyear grouping, lasts from two to five years and, as the class moves on, the teacher loops back to pick another group of children. This practice is particularly prevalent in Europe and Asia.
    • Zero-overhead looping Zero-overhead looping is a feature of some processor instruction sets whose hardware can repeat the body of a loop automatically, rather than requiring software instructions which take up cycles to do so. Zero-overhead loops are common in digital signal processors and some CISC instruction sets.
    • Looping State of Mind Looping State of Mind is the third studio album by Swedish electronic music producer Axel Willner under his alias The Field. It was released by Kompakt on 24 October 2011.

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