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  • c. 1600, "tearful," from Middle English fem. proper name Maudelen (early 14c.), from Magdalene (Old French Madelaine), woman's name, originally surname of Mary the repentant sinner forgiven by Jesus in Luke vii:37 (see Magdalene). In paintings, she often was shown weeping as a sign of repentance. Meaning "characterized by tearful sentimentality" is recorded by 1630s.1600, 1630

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  • Maudlin Maudlin means "excessively sentimental". It may also refer to:Maudlin, Cornwall Maudlin, West Sussex Maudlin Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland Tim Maudlin, philosopher of science Magdalene College, Cambridge, pronounced /ˈmɔːdlɨn/ MAWD-lin Magdalen College, Oxford, pronounced /ˈmɔːdlɨn/ MAWD-lin
  • Maudlin of the Well Maudlin of the Well is an avant-garde metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Their music contains elements from many different genres including jazz, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, post rock, art rock, progressive metal, doom metal, death metal, and gothic metal, as well as chamber music, ambient music and electronic music. After a five-year hiatus, the band re-united to record their latest album, Part the Second, which was funded by fan donations and released online May 14, 2009 for free.
  • Tim Maudlin Tim William Eric Maudlin is an American philosopher of science who has done influential work on the metaphysical foundations of physics and logic.
  • The Maudlin Years The Maudlin Years is a 1996 album by country artist Amy Allison. It compiled songs she recorded with a group called "the Maudlins", as well as some of her solo songs she had originally recorded as demos. Elvis Costello later ranked it as one of his "500 essential albums" in Vanity Fair.
  • My Maudlin Career My Maudlin Career is the fourth studio album by the Scottish indie pop band Camera Obscura. The album was made available for streaming on 14 April 2009, before being released on 20 April via 4AD. Like its predecessor, the album was produced by Jari Haapalainen of The Bear Quartet. The string and horn arrangements are by Björn Yttling, of Peter Bjorn and John.
  • Maudlin Castle Maudlin Castle is a tower house which formed part of a medieval hospital and National Monument located in Kilkenny, Ireland.
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