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  • "moral person," 1620s; "teacher of morals," 1630s, from moral (adj.) + -ist.1620, 1630

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  • Moralist (disambiguation) moralist or moralism may refer toMoralism, a philosophy that arose in the 19th century French Moralists, those who belong to a tradition in French literature that is concerned with the description of the moral character of humanity The Moralist, 1959 Italian comedy directed by Giorgio Bianchi Scientific moralist, those who try to ground morality in rational, empirical consideration of the natural world Several outdated or derogatory meanings related to morality; see the wiktionary definitions for moralist and moralism.
  • The Moralist The Moralist is a 1959 Italian comedy film directed by Giorgio Bianchi. Starring Alberto Sordi and Vittorio de Sica, it satirises both the upholders of traditional sexual morality and the exploiters selling sex in a willing market.
  • French moralists The French moralists were those writers continuing a tradition in French literature, originating in Michel de Montaigne's Essays, concerned with the description of the moral character of humanity and with providing prescriptive rules, embodied as maxims, to guide living well.
  • Moralistic fallacy The moralistic fallacy is the informal fallacy of assuming that an aspect of nature which has socially unpleasant consequences cannot exist. Its typical form is "if X were true, then it would happen that Z!", where Z is a morally, socially or politically undesirable thing. What should be moral is assumed a priori to also be naturally occurring. The moralistic fallacy is sometimes presented as the inverse of the naturalistic fallacy. However, it could be seen as a variation of the very same naturalistic fallacy; the difference between them could be considered pragmatical, depending on the intentions of that who uses it: naturalistic fallacy if the user wants to justify existing social practices with the argument that they are natural; moralistic fallacy if the user wants to combat existing social practices with the argument of denying that they are natural.
  • Freud: The Mind of the Moralist Freud: The Mind of the Moralist is a book about Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, by the sociologist Philip Rieff, in which the author places Freud and psychoanalysis in historical context. Rieff described his goal as being to "show the mind of Freud ... as it derives lessons on the right conduct of life from the misery of living it."

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