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  • early 14c., from Anglo-French mortuarie "gift to a parish priest from a deceased parishioner," from Medieval Latin mortuarium, noun use of neuter of Late Latin adjective mortuarius "pertaining to the dead," from Latin mortuus, past participle of mori "to die" (see mortal (adj.)). Meaning "place where bodies are kept temporarily" first recorded 1865, a euphemism for earlier deadhouse.1865

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  • Mortuary science Mortuary science is the study of deceased bodies through mortuary work. The term is most often applied to a college curriculum in the United States that prepares a student for a career as a mortician or funeral director. Many also study embalming to supplement their mortuary science studies. Some states require funeral directors to be embalmers as well. Students applying for mortuary science should have a plan about it and must develop passion for the study before applying for the course at the college level. This would make students study hard and become knowledgeable on the subject matter.
  • Mortuary (1983 American film) Mortuary is a 1983 American slasher film directed by Howard Avedis and starred Bill Paxton, Mary Beth McDonough, David Wallace, Lynda Day George, with Michael Berryman and Christopher George in his final film role before his death.
  • Patient and mortuary neglect Neglect is defined as giving little attention to or to leave undone or unattended to, especially through carelessness. Mortuary neglect can comprise many things, such as bodies being stolen from the morgue, or bodies being mixed up and the wrong one was buried. When a mortuary fails to preserve a body correctly, it could also be considered neglect because of the consequences.
  • Mortuary (disambiguation) A mortuary is a place where dead bodies await final disposition such as burial or cremation, and may refer more specifically to:Morgue, a place used for the storage of human corpses awaiting identification or removal for autopsy or respectful burial or cremation, which is commonly called a mortuary in British English Funeral home, a business that provides interment and funeral services, which may be referred to as a mortuary in North American English
  • Mortuary Affairs Mortuary Affairs is a service within the United States Army Quartermaster Corps tasked with the retrieval, identification, transportation, and burial of deceased American and American-allied military personnel.
  • Mortuary (2005 film) Mortuary is a 2005 American zombie film directed by Tobe Hooper. It stars Dan Byrd, Alexandra Adi and Denise Crosby. Mortuary was Tobe Hooper's last US-produced film before his death in 2017.
  • Mortuary archaeology Mortuary archaeology is the study of human remains in their archaeological context. This is a known sub-field of bioarchaeology, which is a field that focuses on gathering important information based on the skeleton of an individual. Bioarchaeology stems from the practice of human osteology which is the anatomical study of skeletal remains. Mortuary archaeology, as well as the overarching field it resides in, aims to generate an understanding of disease, migration, health, nutrition, gender, status, and kinship among past populations. Ultimately, these topics help to produce a picture of the daily lives of past individuals. Mortuary archaeologists draw upon the humanities, as well as social and hard sciences to have a full understanding of the individual.
  • Mortuary roll A mortuary roll was a rotulus, sometimes of prodigious length, at the head of which was entered the notification of the death of a specific religious or group of religious. A special messenger, denominated a breviator, gerulus, rollifer, rotularius, tomiger, or other title, transmitted it from monastery to monastery, and at each a notation was entered on roll attesting to the receipt of the notice(s) in the roll and the offering of the requisite suffrage(s) for the decedent(s).
  • Mortuary house In archaeology and anthropology a mortuary house is any purpose-built structure, often resembling a normal dwelling in many ways, in which a dead body is buried.
  • Mortuary cult A mortuary cult is a ceremonial and religious form of a cult fostered over a certain duration of time, often lasting for generations or even dynasties. It concerns deceased peoples kept in the memories of their bereaved members, mostly family members or loyal servants.
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