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    • Nomenclator (nomenclature) A nomenclator, in classical times, referred to a slave whose duty was to recall the names of persons his master met during a political campaign. Later this became names of people in any social context and included other socially important information.
    • Nomenclator Nomenclator may refer to:Nomenclator omnium rerum propria nomina variis linguis explicata indicans, 16th century book written by Hadrianus Junius Nomenclator, in cryptography, a kind of substitution cypher Nomenclator (nomenclature) as a noun meaning: a book listing names or terms; someone providing names to another person; an official announcing people at a public gathering; a person who applies names. Nomenclator of Leiden University Library, the first printed institutional library catalog
    • Nomenclator Zoologicus Nomenclator Zoologicus is one of the major compendia in the field of zoological nomenclature, compiled by Sheffield Airey Neave and his successors and published in 9 volumes over the period 1939–1994, under the auspices of the Zoological Society of London; a tenth, electronic-only volume was also produced before the project ceased. It contains over 340,000 published name instances with their authorities and details of their original publication, certain nomenclatural notes and cross references, and an indication of the taxonomic group to which each is assigned. An electronic (digitised) version of volumes 1-10 was released online by the uBio project, based at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, in 2004–2005.
    • Nomenclator Botanicus Hortensis Nomenclator Botanicus Hortensis aka Nomencl. Bot. Hort. is an 1840-46 alphabetic index of cultivated plants from the gardens of Europe by the German botanist Gustav Heynhold. It includes synonyms, botanical authors, countries of origin and cultivation. It was published in Dresden and Leipzig by the firm Arnoldischen Buchhandlung with an introduction by Ludwig Reichenbach.

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