out of character


  • Inconsistent with one's personality, disposition, or usual expected behaviour. adjective  ☝️ Source: Wiktionary  (view on
  • Not in character; not successfully performing within the mindset of a given character in a theatrical performance. See also break character, drop character. adjective  ☝️ Source: Wiktionary  (view on
  • Not acting; not "on"; behaving within one's natural personality rather than that of a character, or taking actions entirely outside the fictional context. adjective  ☝️ Source: Wiktionary  (view on
  • In a manner inconsistent with one's usual and expected personality or behavior. adverb  ☝️ Source: Wiktionary  (view on
  • Away from the mindset, personality, or behavior assumed for a role that an actor is rehearsing or performing, or that a player is playing. adverb  ☝️ Source: Wiktionary  (view on

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