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      • Parian ware Parian ware is a type of biscuit porcelain imitating marble. It was developed around 1845 by the Staffordshire pottery manufacturer Mintons, and named after Paros, the Greek island renowned for its fine-textured, white Parian marble, used since antiquity for sculpture. It was also contemporaneously referred to as Statuary Porcelain by Copeland. Parian was essentially designed to imitate carved marble, with the great advantage that it could be prepared in a liquid form and cast in a mould, enabling mass production.
      • Parian Parian may refer to:Pertaining to Paros, the Greek island Parian marble, a stone quarried on Paros used for sculpture Parian ware, a ceramic substitute for marble which was fashionable in Victorian England Parian doll, a type of doll manufactured primarily in Germany, from around 1860 to 1880 Parian, Bushehr, a village in Bushehr Province, Iran Parian, Kermanshah, a village in Kermanshah Province, Iran Parián, districts in Philippine cities where Chinese residents were required to live Parián (Manila), a historic district of Manila, Philippines Parian, Calamba, a barangay in Calamba, Philippines. Centro Comercial El Parián, Aguascalientes, Mexico El Parián Commercial Passage, Mexico City
      • Parian Chronicle The Parian Chronicle or Parian Marble is a Greek chronology, covering the years from 1582 BC to 299 BC, inscribed on a stele. Found on the island of Paros in two sections, and sold in Smyrna in the early 17th century to an agent for Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel, this inscription was deciphered by John Selden and published among the Arundel Marbles, Marmora Arundelliana nos. 1–14, 59–119. The first of the sections published by Selden has subsequently disappeared. A further third fragment of this inscription, comprising the base of the stele and containing the end of the text, was found on Paros in 1897. It has entries from 336/35 to 299/98 BC.
      • Parian marble Parian marble is a fine-grained semi translucent pure-white and entirely flawless marble quarried during the classical era on the Greek island of Paros in the Aegean Sea.
      • Parian doll A parian doll, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Dresden doll, was a type of doll manufactured primarily in Germany, from around 1860 to 1880. A parian doll, like a china doll, has a body made from fabrics and a head created from untinted white porcelain. Unlike the china doll however, the parian doll's head is not dipped in glaze before firing and as such has a matte finish, similar to bisque dolls, giving it a markedly different appearance. The term parian refers to the appearance of the fine white parian marble of Paros, Greece. The UFDC accepted definition of these dolls is as follows: "Parian doll: doll made of fine white bisque without tinting. The features, hair and cheeks may be painted." Many collectors now are discarding the term parian in favor of untinted bisque versus tinted bisque.
      • Sala kan parian Sala kan parian is the highest form of a Thai temple sala (pavilion). This pavilion is traditionally built as a hall in which clerics can instruct lay people in Buddhist doctrine, and is sometimes also used as a place for monks to chant and perform ceremonies. A sala kan parian may be as large as an assembly hall, or even larger, and partly or fully enclosed by walls.
      • Parian, Kermanshah Parian is a village in Kanduleh Rural District, Dinavar District, Sahneh County, Kermanshah Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 217, in 51 families.
      • Older Parian Group The Older Parian Group is a geologic group in Trinidad and Tobago. The bituminous limestone preserves fossils of Didymotis trinidadensis dating back to the Aptian period.
      • Parian, Calamba Parian is an urban barangay in Calamba, Laguna, located at the point of Manila South Rd.-Calamba National Highway.
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