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  • 1520s, from Middle French patrimonial- and directly from Late Latin patrimonialis, from Latin patrimonium (see patrimony).1520

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  • Patrimonialism Patrimonialism is a form of governance in which all power flows directly from the leader. There is no distinction between the public and private domains: "The very essence of patrimonialism consists in the idea that "the whole government authority and the economic rights which correspond to it, tend to be treated as privately appropriated economic advantages". These regimes are autocratic or oligarchic and exclude the lower, middle and upper classes from power. The leaders of these countries typically enjoy absolute personal power. Usually, the armies of these countries are loyal to the leader, not the nation.
  • Neopatrimonialism Neopatrimonialism is a system of social hierarchy where patrons use state resources to secure the loyalty of clients in the general population. It is an informal patron–client relationship that can reach from very high up in state structures down to individuals in small villages.

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