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  • 1610s, "a pun, a play on words," probably a diminutive of obsolete quib "evasion of point at issue," based on an overuse of Latin quibus? in legal jargon, which supposedly gave it the association with trivial argument. Meaning "equivocation, evasion of the point" is attested from 1660s.1610, 1660

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  • Quibble (plot device) In terms of fiction, a quibble is a plot device, used to fulfill the exact verbal conditions of an agreement in order to avoid the intended meaning. Typically quibbles are used in legal bargains and, in fantasy, magically enforced ones.
  • Quibble A quibble may refer to:a trivial objection a pun, or play on words Quibble, in narratology Quibble (computing), a quad nibble A monster from the game My Singing Monsters
  • Quibble Island Quibble Island is a river island in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is formed by the encirclement of the Adyar River and one of its tributaries. It is situated between the neighbourhoods of Mylapore and Adyar. It abuts the southern stretch of the Marina Beach. During the British rule, a European cemetery was located here.

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