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  • Old English receleas "careless, thoughtless, heedless," earlier reccileas, from *rece, recce "care, heed," from reccan "to care" (see reck (v.)) + -less. The same affixed form is in German ruchlos, Dutch roekeloos "wicked." Root verb reck (Old English reccan) is passing into obscurity.

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  • Reckless (Alabama song) "Reckless" is a song written by Michael Clark and Jeff Stevens, and recorded by American country music group Alabama. It was released in August 1993 as the first single from their album, Cheap Seats. The song was their final number one the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart until June 2011, when they reached the number one position again with a guest vocal on Brad Paisley's "Old Alabama".
  • Reckless driving In United States law, reckless driving is a major moving traffic violation that generally consists in driving a vehicle with willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. It is usually a more serious offense than careless driving, improper driving, or driving without due care and attention and is often punishable by fines, imprisonment, or driver's license suspension or revocation. This term is specific to the law of the United States. Outside of the United States, reckless driving if committed in other countries would be termed as dangerous driving, or driving to endanger.
  • Reckless (Bryan Adams album) Reckless is the fourth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams. Released on 5 November 1984 by A&M Records, the album was co-produced by Adams and Bob Clearmountain, and it was arguably Adams' most successful solo album. The album has reached 12 million album sales worldwide. It was the first Canadian album to sell more than a million copies within Canada. The album reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 and reached high positions on album charts worldwide.
  • Reckless (1935 film) Reckless is a 1935 American musical film directed by Victor Fleming and starring Jean Harlow, William Powell, Franchot Tone and May Robson. David O. Selznick wrote the story, using the pseudonym "Oliver Jeffries", basing it loosely on the scandal of the 1931 marriage between torch singer Libby Holman and tobacco heir Zachary Smith Reynolds, and his death by a gunshot wound to the head.
  • Reckless (Nav album) Reckless is the debut studio album by Canadian rapper Nav. It was released on May 18, 2018 by XO Records and Republic Records. The album features guest appearances from Quavo, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and Gunna. It features production from Nav himself, Wheezy, Ben Billions, Rex Kudo, Charlie Handsome, Foreign Teck, OZ, and Turbo, among others.
  • Reckless (Jeremy Camp album) Reckless is contemporary Christian musician Jeremy Camp's ninth studio album, and the producers are Camp and Andy Dodd. The album was released on February 12, 2013, which all of his album has been released on BEC Recordings label, and this is his eighth album with the label. The first single from the album is entitled "Reckless", which was released on November 16, 2012, and has achieved chart success. Lastly, this album marks the ninth album of Camp's career that includes his first independent release. For the week of March 2, 2013, the album was the No. 31 most sold album in the nation via the Billboard 200 chart, which the album was the No. 10 most popular Rock album in the same week, and it was the most popular Christian album, as well.
  • Reckless Reckless may refer to:
  • Reckless (Martina McBride album) Reckless is the thirteenth studio album by American country music singer Martina McBride. The album was released on April 29, 2016, by Nash Icon Records.
  • Reckless (1995 film) Reckless is a 1995 American dark comedy film directed by Norman René. The screenplay by Craig Lucas is based on his 1983 play of the same title.
  • Reckless (TV series) Reckless is an American legal drama television series directed by Catherine Hardwicke and written by Dana Stevens. The series stars Anna Wood, Cam Gigandet, Adam Rodríguez, Shawn Hatosy, Kim Wayans, Gregory Harrison, Michael Gladis, and Georgina Haig. It premiered on CBS on June 29, 2014.
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