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  • late 15c., "to settle," from Middle French resider (15c.) and directly from Latin residere "sit down, settle; remain behind, rest, linger; be left," from re- "back, again" (see re-) + sedere "to sit" (see sedentary). Meaning "to dwell permanently" first attested 1570s. Related: Resided; residing. Also from the French word are Dutch resideren, German residiren.1570

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  • Entrepreneur in residence An Entrepreneur in residence, or Executive in residence (EIR), is a position most often held by successful entrepreneurs in venture capital firms, private equity firms, startup accelerators, law firms or business schools. The EIR typically leads, or has led, a small, early-stage, emerging company deemed to have high-growth potential, or which has demonstrated high-growth in its number of employees, annual revenue, or both. An institutional fund may provide an entrepreneur in residence, or executive in residence, with the working capital to nurture expansion, new-product development, or restructuring of a company’s operations, management, or ownership.
  • Residence A residence is a place used as a home or dwelling. Residence may more specifically refer to:Habitual residence, a civil law term dealing with the status of refugees, and child abduction Residence in English family law, pertaining to where children should live in the case of disputes Tax residence, to determine the location of someone's home for tax purposes The Canadian term for what Americans call a dormitory Residenz, the German term for residence which normally means the city palace of a noble family Domicile (law)
  • Resident registration A resident register is a government database which contains information on the current residence of persons. In countries where registration of residence is compulsory, the current place of residence must be reported to the registration office or the police within a few days after establishing a new residence. In some countries, residence information may be obtained indirectly from voter registers or registers of driver licenses. Besides a formal resident registers or population registers, residence information needs to be disclosed in many situations, such as voter registration, passport application, and updated in relation to drivers licenses, motor vehicle registration, and many other purposes. The permanent place of residence is a common criterion for taxation including the assessment of a person's income tax.

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