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      • Walker's Rhyming Dictionary Walker's Rhyming Dictionary was made by John Walker and released in 1775. It is an English reverse dictionary, meaning that it is sorted by reading words in reverse order. As spelling somewhat predicts pronunciation, this functions as a rhyming dictionary.
      • Rhyming dictionary A rhyming dictionary is a specialist dictionary designed for use in writing poetry and lyrics. In a rhyming dictionary, words are categorized into equivalence classes that consist of words that rhyme with one another. They also typically support several different kinds of rhymes and possibly also alliteration as well.
      • Orange Rhyming Dictionary Orange Rhyming Dictionary is the debut studio album by American rock band Jets to Brazil, released October 27, 1998 on Jade Tree Records. Following the break up of Jawbreaker, frontman Blake Schwarzenbach moved to New York City, and formed Jets to Brazil with bassist/vocalist Jeremy Chatelain and drummer Chris Daly. J. Robbins was drafted in to produce the group's debut at Easley Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. With Orange Rhyming Dictionary, Schwarzenbach moved away from the punk rock sound of Jawbreaker into indie rock and post-hardcore. The Van Pelt guitarist Brian Maryansky joined Jets to Brazil, prior to touring the US and Japan. Further stints of the US and Europe followed into early 2000.

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