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  • 1650s, from French simplifier "to make simpler" (15c.), from Medieval Latin simplificare "to simplify," from Latin simplex "simple" (see simplex) + root of facere "to make" (see factitious). Meaning "to make easier to do" is from 1759. Related: Simplified; simplifying.1650, 1759

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  • Simplify Recordings Simplify Recordings is a bass music record label founded in 2009 by Seattle-based electronic music producer and DJ, Aaron Simpson. Simplify Recordings’ genres include glitch hop, dubstep, trap, drum & bass, and other bass music genres.
  • Simplify (disambiguation) Simplify may refer to:Simplify Recordings "Simplify", song by Sanguine "Simplify", song by Young the Giant from Mirror Master

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