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    • Green swordtail The green swordtail is a species of freshwater/brackish fish in family Poeciliidae of order Cyprinodontiformes. A live-bearer, it is closely related to the southern platyfish or 'platy' and can crossbreed with it. It is native to an area of North and Central America stretching from Veracruz, Mexico, to northwestern Honduras.
    • Marbled swordtail The marbled swordtail is a species of freshwater fish in the family Poeciliidae. It was endemic to the Rio Salado system in northeastern Mexico.
    • Chiapas swordtail The Chiapas swordtail or upland swordtail is a species of livebearing freshwater fish of family Poeciliidae, and genus Xiphophorus. It is, therefore, in the same genus as the common platy and the swordtail. The Chiapas swordtail was discovered and first described by Donn E. Rosen in 1960, along with four other species of Xiphophorus.
    • Yellow swordtail The yellow swordtail is a species of freshwater fish in the family Poeciliidae. It is endemic to the upper Coatzacoalcos River basin in southern Mexico. It is typically found in brooks and streams with slow current; it is less frequent in areas with strong current. The yellow swordtail is considered a threatened species by Mexican authorities. It reaches up to 5.1 cm (2.0 in) in standard length.

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