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  • late 14c., "cur, mongrel," from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse tik "bitch," from Proto-Germanic *tikk- (source also of Middle Low German tike). Also applied in Middle English to a low-bred or lazy man. The meaning "child" is from 1902, though the word was used in playful reproof from 1894. As a nickname for a Yorkshireman, from c. 1700; "Perhaps originally opprobrious; but now accepted and owned" [OED].1700, 1894, 1902

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  • Tyke Tyke may refer to:Tyke (character), an MGM cartoon character in the Tom and Jerry series and the older son of Spike Tyke (dialect), an English dialect of Northern England spoken in the English county of Yorkshire Tyke (dog), a dog whose ancestry is generally unknown and that has characteristics of two or more types of breeds Tyke (elephant), a female circus elephant Tyke, an American masculine given name Tyke (pigeon), a Second World War homing pigeon which was awarded the Dickin Medal for gallantry in 1943
  • The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler is a children's day-school adventure novel by Gene Kemp, first published by Faber in 1977 with illustrations by Carolyn Dinan. Set at Cricklepit Combined School in southern England for ages 4 to 12, a fictional primary school based on St Sidwell's School Exeter, it inaugurated the series of seven books sometimes called the Cricklepit Combined School series.
  • Tyke (elephant) Tyke was a female African bush elephant from Mozambique who performed with Circus International of Honolulu, Hawaii. On August 20, 1994, during a performance at the Neal Blaisdell Center, she killed her trainer, Allen Campbell, and seriously injured her groomer, Dallas Beckwith. Tyke then ran from the arena and through the streets of the Kakaʻako central business district for more than thirty minutes. Unable to calm the elephant, local police opened fire on the animal, which collapsed from the wounds and died. While the majority of the attack in the arena was recorded on consumer videotape by several spectators, additional professional video footage captured the attack on local publicist Steve Hirano and the shooting of Tyke herself.
  • Spike and Tyke Spike & Tyke is a theatrical animated short subject series, based upon the American bulldog father-and-son team from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Tom and Jerry cartoons. The characters first appeared in the Tom and Jerry series, in 1942's Dog Trouble.
  • Tyke (pigeon) Tyke, also known as 'George' and carrying the service number 1263 MEPS 43, was a male Second World War homing pigeon who was awarded the Dickin Medal for gallantry in 1943 for delivering a message from a downed aircrew. His medal was sold for £4,830 ($7,313) in July 2000.
  • Tyke T Tyrone Stroble, also known professionally as Tyke T, is an American hip hop artist from Smyrna, Tennessee. In 2011, Tyke T relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, and in 2013 he released his debut EP The Overlooked through Driven By Music, his own imprint. In 2014, he won WHRK K97FM's "Next Big Thing" competition.
  • Tyke (given name) Tyke is a masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:Tyke Peacock, American high jumper Tyke Tolbert, American football coach
  • Spike and Tyke (characters) Spike and Tyke are fictional characters from the Tom and Jerry animated film series, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Spike is portrayed as an American bulldog, who is generally friendly and amiable, and a loving father to his son Tyke in several episodes. However, Spike's character also has a very stern, and fierce side, for occasions such as when he is defending his son Tyke.
  • Jerry the Tyke Jerry the Tyke also known as Jerry the Troublesome Tyke is a cartoon dog created during the silent film era. Created by Cardiff-based animator Sid Griffiths, and shown throughout British cinemas as part of Pathé Pictorial's screen news-magazines, Jerry the Tyke was the first animated series to be made in Wales.
  • Tyke Tolbert Tyke Tolbert is an American football coach and former player who is the wide receivers coach for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). Tolbert previously served as wide receivers coach for the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.
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