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  • early 15c., "too large to be conceived, unimaginable," from un- (1) "not" + think (v.) + -able. Meaning "incapable of being framed by thought" is recorded from mid-15c.

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  • Unthinkable Unthinkable is a 2010 American thriller film directed by Gregor Jordan and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Sheen and Carrie-Anne Moss. It was released direct-to-video on June 14, 2010. The film is noteworthy for the controversy it generated around its subject matter, the torture of a man who threatens to detonate three nuclear bombs in separate U.S. cities. [Not in citation given]
  • The Unthinkable (2018 film) The Unthinkable is a 2018 Swedish thriller disaster war movie produced by Crazy Pictures, starring Christoffer Nordenrot, Lisa Henni, Jesper Barkselius and Pia Halvorsen. The film imagines a scenario in which Sweden is invaded during a rainy summer.
  • Unthinkable (disambiguation) Unthinkable is a 2010 American film.
  • The Unthinkable (1926 film) The Unthinkable is a 1926 Polish silent drama film directed by Edward Puchalski and starring Józef Węgrzyn, Igo Sym and Mira Zimińska. The film marked the debut of Jan Kiepura who went on to international success. It was made as a follow-up to the 1924 film The Unspeakable by the same director.
  • Think the Unthinkable Think the Unthinkable is an audience sitcom about hapless management consultants, written by James Cary and first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2001. It starred Marcus Brigstocke, David Mitchell, Catherine Shepherd, Emma Kennedy and Beth Chalmers. Each week the team of consultants inflict their unique brand of help on unsuspecting companies. It won a Silver Sony Award for Comedy in 2002 for the first episode. It is produced by Adam Bromley.
  • Operation Unthinkable Operation Unthinkable was the name given to two related possible future war plans by the British Chiefs of Staff against the Soviet Union in 1945. The plans were never approved or implemented. The creation of the plans was ordered by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in May 1945 and developed by the British Armed Forces' Joint Planning Staff in May 1945 at the end of World War II in Europe.
  • The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable is a non-fiction book addressing climate change by Indian writer Amitav Ghosh published in 2016.
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